Friday, February 24, 2012

Complimentary Tasting at Walnut Creek Chapel for Brides and Grooms with Platinum Package

Complimentary tasting for couples booked at Walnut Creek Chapel with the Platinum Package for their wedding reception.
Everyone tasting and selecting their menus either Heavy Hor's, Buffet or Pasta
Station which is a special time to visit with the caterer to customize your menu choices.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Linh T. Hang & Michael Tran Wedding at Walnut Creek Chapel on 2.22.2012 - Dr. Gene Nease-Minister

Mr. & Mrs. Michael Tran and Dr. Gene Nease

Linh Hang, Dr. Gene Nease and Michael Tran during the Ceremony at Walnut Creek Chapel

Signing of the License

Michael's Parents

Monday, February 13, 2012

Lois Johnson Bridal Shower at Walnut Creek Chapel on 2.11.2012

Lois Johnson (Bride)

Cake provided by "Amy's Cakes" - 405-360-1131

Prizes for the games during the Shower!!

Wedding Dress Design Game from Toliet Paper. How Cute!!

Another Wedding Gown Design from the other Team

A work in progress during the game of designing the Toliet Paper Wedding Dress.

Mother of Groom

Lite Hor's - Provided by "A Spot for Tea" - Tammy & Eric Seibert - Owners - 405-7202765

Guests at the Saturday afternoon Bridal Shower at Walnut Creek Chapel

Thank You Favors!!!
Provided by Doris Johnson (Mother of the Bride)

Cookie Cutter Favors and Receipes at the Bridal Shower. How clever!!

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Rebecca Honeyman & James Brown Wedding at Walnut Creek Chapel on 2.10.2012 - Dr. Gene Nease - Minister

Rebecca Honeyman & James Brown at Walnut Creek Chapel

Bride & Groom during the ceremony with Family attending.

Rebecca, Dr. Gene Nease, and James during the Ceremony.

Son and Daughter escorting Rebecca down the aisle.

Heather Honeyman & Christopher Ayres were married at Walnut Creek Chapel on November 25, 2011. Heather & Chris is the daughter & son-n-law of Rebecca Honeyman.

Signing of the License

Signing the License.

Friday, February 10, 2012

FOOLS (Fellowship Of Old Linksmen) Golf Group Dinner at Walnut Creek Chapel on 2.9.2012

A Review From W. Finch:
I want to Thank You for the great pictures! Also, I can not Thank You, Gene and your staff enough for a great evening, not only for Annilee and I, but I think also for all the FOOL'S. Everyone I have talked to thought it was a great get together, a good venue, and great food!!! The FOOL'S are a real blessing to me and YOU are Gene are a special part of that blessing. Thanks again for everything!

"Judgement Day"

Gene Nease & Bill Finch

Rose Kennedy, Verba & Don Spurgin

Dow Dozier, Doris & Don Cline

Carolyn & Dow Dozier

Janet & Bud Mullins

Lee & Mrs. Fasso

Ruth Nieman, Lois & Leonard Murphy

Yvonne & Bob Swanson

Ruth & Jim Nieman

Ruby & Gene Wilkey

Cecille & Arnold Short

Carolyn & Dow Dozier

"Sweete Connection" - Susan & Mack Taunton -provided the German Chocolate Cake

Menu: Smoked Beef Brisket w/barbeque sauce, Parmesan Crusted Chicken Breast, Scalloped Potatoes, Italian Green Beans, Fresh Green Salad w/dressings, Fresh Croissants w/butter

Provided by "A Spot for Tea" -Tammy & Eric Seibert - owners, -


The "FOOLS" Golf Group