Thursday, May 28, 2020

Jenifer Martin and David Steiner Walnut Creek Chapel Wedding - Est. 4.25.2020 - Duane Moss - Minister

Jenifer Martin and David Steiner 
Walnut Creek Chapel Wedding
Est. 4.25.2020
Duane Moss - Minister
Charlotte Nease - Coordinator
Family Photos

 Steiner Wooden Name Signing 
Let the Journey Begin
April 25, 2020
 Advice and Wishes 
 Memory Table 
Yes, she's CRAZY but our Crazies

 Pew Flowers on Hoops
Michelle Kerr
 Altar with Circle of Flowers on Stands
Michelle Kerr - Flowers

 Jenifer and Vince down aisle to David 

 Presentation of Bride 
Distant Seating
 Bridal Party from Balcony 
 Presentation to Evee

with Duane  Moss - Minister
Recessional -  Mr. and Mrs.

 Flower Girls
 Mary Lou and Sarah 
 Jenifer and Evee
 Family and a pic of Shawn Byrne - Photographer
David and Evee
 Jenifer and Mary Lou
 Bride, Mary Lou Smith (Mother of Bride) 
and Sarah
 Jenifer and Vince (Escort of Bride)
Couple with Groomsmen
FUN Photo
Red Bud Trees  
 Family Gathering Room

Hallway to  outside
Police Car 
It was a wedding only with reduced number of guest allowed to witness the vows. David  also made promises to Jenifer's daughter Evee.  Hand Sanitizers were passed out as party favors.  The Covid Crisis has made saying I Do...small and intimate. Collage by Tammy Seibert.
Beautiful Mr and Mrs Steiner
Venders: Charlotte Nease - Coordinator and Blogger, Tammy Seibert - Collage and Sound Tech,
Gene Nease - Owner. Other Venders: Duane Moss - Minister, Shawn Byrne - Byrne Digital Media/Photography, Flowers - Michelle Kerr 

Wednesday, May 27, 2020

Priscilla Cypert and Danny Sprowls Walnut Creek Chapel Wedding EST. 4.11.2020- Dr.Gene Nease - WCChapel Minister

Priscilla Cypert and Danny Sprowls
 Wedding at Walnut Creek Chapel
EST. 4.11.2020
Dr. Gene Nease - WCChapel Minister
Tammy Seibert - Coordinator
Charlotte Nease - Blogger
Best Wishes and Lots of Happiness
Jeanette - Photographer
Dr. Gene Nease
 "I Choose YOU"
"Here Comes the Bride"
First Look Down Aisle
Priscilla and Danny - Together down aisle

Mr. and Mrs. Danny Sprowls
Couple on Bridge
Thank You Tammy Seibert for making the Collage
Pictures of their special DAY.