Thursday, November 19, 2015

A Gorgeous Photo from 2003 Wedding/Reception Mr and Mrs Kevin Jones at Walnut Creek Chapel

Wedding Photo that was posted on Facebook - Walnut Creek Chapel  from 2003.  
Happy Twelfth Anniversary for Couple
Mr and Mrs and Kevin Jones 
That was before Facebook or Instagram.
We LOVE Social Media!!! and hearing successful stories from former couples.

Hosting THIRD YEAR- Putnam City North High School Fall Ball at Walnut Creek Chapel - 11.14.2015- Dawn Allee - President PCN-PTSA , and Susan Sharp - Chairman of PCN- Fall Ball.

Invitation Putnam City North High School
Beautiful Fall Evening for #pcnfallball
Entrance to #pcnfallball at Walnut Creek Chapel 
Wheel Barrel with Lighted Pumpkins and Fall Flowers 

Large Lighted Pumpkins and Fall Swag on Doors and 
White lights shining in the night
Cars arriving with Students in circle drive 
PCN Campus Police Car
Outside Gorgeous Night 

Chapel Coat Check Staff 
Students arriving
Happy Faces 

Gazebo Photo Booth and Fire Pits
Fall Wreaths
Inside looking OUT SIDE!!!
Fall Decor

Places to sit 

Ready to Party 
#pcnfallball Dance Floor
Couples arriving for #pcnfallball
Outside Pic looking in Windows
So Delicious 
Cascade of Fruit and  Veggies 
Natalie Martin - Staff
Great Chocolate Fountain 
Pretzels, Marshmellows, Wheat Sticks, Bananas,
Graham Crackers   YUMMY!!! 
Yummy Chocolate Fountain 
Margaret Duffy - Staff 
Lemonade in Ice Sculpture Punch Bowl
and Assorted Cookies - Ann Simonton - Staff
Chocolate Fountain with Marshmallows, Graham Crackers, Pretzels
and Cherries 
Food provided by A Spot for Tea - Tammy and Chef Eric Seibert
Fresh Fruit w/Fruit Dip
Garden Veggies w/Ranch Dip
Assorted Cubed Cheese
Fiesta Cheeseball w/crackers
Special Flowers being pinned 
Gathering around the Fire Pits 
Visiting at the Fire Pits 

Hay Bales Arch and Fall Flowers and Pics 
Photos in the Gazebo - Get your Order in for your Pictures!!!
Walking in the Gardens 
Picture Taking in the Gazabo 
Fountain in the Gardens
Fire Pits for a Great Fire Side Chat
Stolling in the Gardens 
Little Windy and a Cool Breeze for a walk in the Lighted Gardens 
Great night for photography on the bridges in the Lighted Gardens
Students arriving for #pcnfallball
Chef Eric Seibert - Owner of A Spot for Tea --Caterer
and Kenny Mullendore - DJ for A+ Entertainment - Chris Cox - Owner
Great Music and Food Guys!!!!
Get Down Music for Dancing
People moving from inside to outside Gardens
Lots of Door Prizes awarded to Students
 Ben Seibert 
Grandson of Dr. and Mrs. Gene Nease 
and Son of Tammy and Eric Seibert
Good Looking Group of Students on Dance Floor
Great Evening of Fun for #pcnfallball, Great Group of Young Adults.
Thank You - PC North Teachers,
PC North Campus Police, PC North Parents/Sponsors
Vender : A Spot for Tea - Caterers - Tammy and Chef Eric Seibert,
A+ Entertainment - Chris Cox - Owner, 
Kenny Mullendore - DJ
Hosted by Walnut Creek Chapel 
Dr. Gene and Charlotte Nease- Co-Owner
Judy and David Moninger- Co-Owner
WCChapel Staff