Thursday, December 15, 2016

Lauren Rushing and Tyler Doolittle Deep Red/Black/Silver Walnut Creek Chapel Wedding/Reception on 12.14.2016 - Dr. Gene Nease - WCChapel Minister

Lauren Rushing and Tyler Doolittle
Mr and Mrs Doolittle
Congratulations and Best Evers
from Walnut Creek Chapel Staff
Dr. Gene Nease - WCChapel Minister
Tammy Seibert - Wedding Planner/Coordinator
pic provided by A+ Entertainment - Chris Cox
Great Music DJ
 Deep Red/Black/Silver Colors with accens
of Zebra (black/white)
 Unity Candle Ceremony
 December Winter Wedding
 Jeannie Tyler - Pianist 
 Aisle Bows 
 Black/Deep Red Pillows
 Winter Chapel Wedding 
Hashtag #TylerandLaurenDoolittle2016
Guests Book Table 
Sealed with a KISS
Bridal Party 
Lauren, Vicky (MoB) and Dylan (son of Bride)
 Bob Rushing (FoB) and Terry Rushing
 Sheridan Waldrop - Photographer
 Shery Doolittle (MoG)

 Ring Bearer
 Mary Hansen - Tyler (Groom) 
 Sherry Doolittle and Tyler (Groom)
Vicky Clement (Mob) and Brent-Usher
Facebook pics by Tammy Seibert - Wedding Planner/Coordinator
 Tyler and Lauren Pic Signing Matte
 Hallway Pics- Bouquet Toss 
 Picture of Couple 
 Hallway Black Bling Light
with RED Heart Pillow
Chapel dressed for a Winter Wedding
Hashtag #TylerLaurenDoolittle2016 
 Hallway to Celebration Room 
 Deep Red Throw and Fun Black Pillows 

 Candy Buffet 
 First Look when you walk into Celebration Room 
Black/Black Stripe Floor length Tableclots 
Red Chargers and Tall Tower Vases with Feathers and Roses
 Head Table for Bridal Party 
 Bride and Groom Table 
 Beautiful Deep Red and Black with White Chairs

 Bar Service 
 Red, White, Black Candy Bar YUM!!!
 Buffet Table 
 A Spot for Tea - Caterer - Tammy and Chef Seibert
Fruit w/dip and Cheese/Crackers
Dips and Chips (Bruschetta Salsa) 
Buffet Menu:
Smoked Beef Brisket w/BBQ sauce on side
Honey Glazed Ham
New Potato Casserole - Potato Bar w/Toppings
Golden Scalloped Potatoes
Crisp Green Salad w/Italian and Ranch Dressing
Egg Rolls w/Sauce
Croissants w/Butter
 Lighted Underskirt Tables for Buffet and Cake
Night Lights under tables

 Light Hor's 
 Head Table Light Hor's
 Fruit Dip 
 Fresh Rose Petals
Sweete Connection Zebra Cake w/Red Roses
Susan Taunton - Cake Designer
 Artisian Ice Sculpture Punch Bowl
Vault Ice Company 
Tres Leche Groom Cakes
 Guest at Hor's Table 
Dance Floor in Middle of Room 
WCChapel Venders: Dr. Gene Nease, Minister, Tammy Seibert - Wedding Planner/Coordinator,
Jeannie Tyler - Pianist, Randy Poff - Videographer, Integrity - Limo Service - Brad Johnson - Owner/Driver, Charlotte Nease - Blogger, Sweete Connection - Susan Taunton - Cake Designer, A Spot for Tea - Caterer, Tammy and Chef Eric Seibert - Owner, The Vault Ice Company - IArtisian Ice Sculpture Punch Bowl, Susie Lopez - Bar Service, Jennita Sonaggera - Bartender,  Convenitons and More - Black/Black Stripe Tablecloths, Security - Chris Sonaggera, A+ Entertainment - Chris Cox - Owner/DJ,
Other Venders: Sheridan Waldrop - Photographer, Rehearsal Dinner - Charleston on Memorial.. 

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