Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Winter Wedding for Joann Owen & Willis Smith on 12.27.2015 - Walnut Creek Chapel - Richard Hogue - Minister

Winter Wedding 12.27.2015 
Joann Owen and Willis Smith
Mr and Mrs Smith
Best Wishes and Lots of Happiness
from Walnut Creek Chapel Staff 
Marilyn Hogue - Reader
Richard Hogue - Minister
during Vows of Joann and Willis Marriage Ceremony 
Communion during Wedding Ceremony for the Couple 
Beautiful Rings on a Satin Pillow 
Unity Candle 
Closed Circuit Camera on Family United Candle Ceremony 
Family during the Unity Candle Ceremony 
Communion for the Couple and MJ sings "Lord's Prayer"
Christ Red Candles 
Crystal Candle Holders and Sprigs of Greenery and Pinecones
Randi - Vocalist - At Last 
Winter Wonderland in Oklahoma in December
Winter Wedding at Walnut Creek Chapel
Cold Outside - Snow  Warm Inside
Witness -  Elizabeth 
Witness Shellie 
Joann Signing the License
Joann Owen, Willis Smith, and Richard Hogue - Minister
Signing the License
Venders: Judy Moninger - WCChapel Co-Owner/Wedding Planner, Charlotte Nease- WCChapel Blogger, Other Venders: Richard Hogue - Minister at City Church, Harmon Ray - Photograph;y
Whole Foods Florist 

Saturday, December 19, 2015

Twila King & Daniel Smith - Beautiful White, Black and Splash of Christmas RED - Wedding/Reception at Walnut Creek Chapel on 12/18/2015 - Dr. Gene Nease - WCChapel Minister

Congratulations and Best Wishes
Beautiful Couple and THANK YOU
for choosing us.  We Love our Brides and Grooms
from STAFF at Walnut Creek Chapel 
White Led Lanters hanging with Red Ribbon on Pews 
Trumpet Vases - Fresh Flowers by "Designs by Tammy" 
Black, White, Red and Gold
Beautiful December Christmas Wedding/Reception 
Ceremony on Closed Circuit TV and Ceremony
in Chapel.  WOW!!!!
Dr. Gene Nease - WCChapel Minister
Daniel and Twila - Signing the License
Mr and Mrs Smith 
Please Choose a Seat not a Side,
Were All Family once the KNOT is Tied
Lantern - for Cards and Gifts 
Black Foam Backed Aisle Runner and Red and White Silk Petals 
Beautiful Candle Light Picture of Couple 
Wade Svetgoff and Bennett Svetgoff
Guest signing BIG RED "S" for Smith
Three Red Poinsettia with Gold Ribbon
Sydney King (Flower Girl) and Bennett Svetgoff (Ring Bearer)
Tammy Seibert - Wedding Planner
Place Cards for Guests 
Love Notes for Newlyweds!  - White Box 
Face book Pics provided by Tammy Seibert - Wedding Planner
Head Table - Red Chargers, Black/Black Stripe Floor Length 
Tablecloth and White Chair Covers with Black Satin Sashes
Conventions and More 
Clear Lighted Glass Globes hanging on Tree
Tall Tower Vases with Fresh Flowers
"Designs by Tammy" and Gold Chargers
Black Napkins
Chicken Nuggets w/Ketsup and 
PB & Jelly Heart Shaped Sandwiches
Appetizers: Fresh Fruit, Cubed Cheese, Fiesta Cheese Ball
and Assorted Crackers
Buffet Table:
A Spot for Tea - Caterer
Italian Herb Chicken Breast
Beef Medallions w/Mushrooms
Golden Scalloped Potatoes
Italian Green Beans
Crisp Green Salad -w/Dressings
Warm Croissant Rolls w/Butter
Tammy and Chef Eric Seibert - Caterer/Owners 
Twila and Daniel 12.18.15
"Donuts and Claws"
Enjoying fixing Warm Marshmallows, Hershey's Candy 
and Graham Crackers SMORES 
Guest fixing SMORES - and Donuts
Special Treats 
Sydney King - Flower Girl, Twila King/Smith, and Daniel Smith
Fixing SMORES and Groom Eating Donuts

Special Treats for Kiddos
White/White Stripe  Floor Length Tablecloths 
with Black Chair Covers and White Satin Sashes
provided by Conventions and More
Brides Cake w/Fresh Red Roses and Bling
Designs by Tammy - Florist
Grooms Cake 
Ideas in Ice - Artisan Ice Sculpture Punch Bowl
Cake Table for Bride and Groom Cakes- 
Sweete Connection - Susan Taunton - Cake Designer
Tammy Seibert - Wedding Planner
VENDERS: Gene Nease - WCChapel - Minister, Tammy Seibert - WCC Wedding Planner, David Briscoe - Musician,  Integrity Limo - Brad Johnson - Owner - Conner Brinkley - Driver, Sweete Connection - Susan Taunton - Cake Designer, A Spot for Tea - Caterer- Tammy and Chef Eric Seibert - Owner, A+ Entertainment - Chris Cox - Owner/DJ, Susie Lopez - Bar Service, Betty - Bartender, Conventions and More - Black Floor Length Tablecloths, Black Chair Covers with White Satin Sashes, and White/White Stripe Floor Length Tablecloths and Black Satin Sashes for Head Table, Ideas in Ice- Artisan ice sculpture punch bowl with initials, and Black Napkins - Superior Linens.  Other Venders: Rosie Cheeks - Photographer, Design by Tammy - Florist - Red and White Fresh Flowers, Rehearsal Dinner - Deep Fork Grill, and Accommodations- Arcadian Inn .