Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Lauren Frye & Jacob Merritt Wedding/Reception on 3.23.2013 at Walnut Creek Chapel - Ken Brown - Minister

Congratulations To the Happy Couple
Lauren & Jake Merritt
Strings Quartet Music provided by Oklahoma Strings - contact Joseph Guevara -

Mason Jars with beads and Led Lights with Gerber Daisies in Hallway!!
Dorie - Flower Girl
Andrea - and Mufasa
Kristi and Jim Merritt - Parents of Groom during reception

Donna Frye - Mother of Bride and a Guest during reception
Hot Pink and Kelly Green Candy Bar Favors
Buffet: Mini Croissant Sandwiches, Chicken Caesar Wrap, Tortilla Cream Cheese Wrap w/Picante sauce on side, Seasonal Fruit w/Fruit Dip, Sping Garden Vegetables w/Ranch Dip, Hot Spinach Dip w/crackers, Parmesan Chicken Bites, and Boneless Buffalo Wings w/Blue Cheese/Ranch dessing- A Spot for Tea- www.aspotfortea.com- 405-720-2765- Tammy and Eric Seibert - Owners
Hot Pink and Kelly Green- Spring Gerber Daisies - Assorted crystal candle holders.
Commemorative Speech - Tarah Frye (Sister and Maid of Honor to the Bride -Lauren
When my sister originally asked me to speak at her wedding I was stumped.  I'm not one to speak or show my emotion or even show it so I've decided to just talk about our odd relationship.  There are many thngs I'd do for her, but this is among the hardest.  I'd be her workhorse, her hair stylist, her second opinion, her house cleaner, her punching bad and over-all life line to organization, but  to try to  sum up 21 years of sisterhood and friendship is down right imposssible.  I can't put into words our loving moments, the fights, the lessons learned, the tears shed or the ridiculous moments that only we understand.  I can't tell you why or how we can look at each other and know exactly what each other are thinking.  I don't know how we are incredibly different yet so similar.  Fact is our friendship is indescribable. Even our Mom doesn't always get included.  Being very protective of my sister I allowed Jack in with caution.  Luckily, he caught on quickly and figured out you don't get one without the other.  Even when Jake began planning his proposal he asked my thoughts, opinions, and ideas.  When the day came I ended up hiding behind a fence in the middle of a fairly crowded bricktown with a camera at 1:30am, April 28, 2012.  Jake and I had diligently planned out where he was going to be when he got down on one knee, what he was going to say, and the way he'd be facing so I could capture the moment on my camera.  Of course nothing goes as you envision it.  I didn't envision crouching in a corner and trying to explain to passing drunks what I was doing.  But the bottom line is I'd sit there all over again if it meant my sister and her special man got their special moment.  
Cakes provided by Sweete Connection

First Dance as Mr. &  Mrs. Jake Merritt
Instant Memories Photo Booth

Facebook pic by Tammy Seibert
Watching the Couple do their Frist Dance.
Tammy Seibert - Coordinator and Marketing at Walnut Creek Chapel
Ann Simonton, Eric and Tammy Seibert - Staff at Walnut Creek Chapel
Ideas in Ice - Gerber Daisies in the Ice Sculpture Punch Bowl
Having a Party in the Reception
Cute Attire for the Exit in an Antique Ford Car
Jenn Walsh - Bartender for Susie Lopez Bar Service
Couple Leaving in an Antique Ford Car in the Rumble Seat - Sister of Bride Tarah Frye- Driver
Best Wishes to Mr. &  Mrs. Jake Merritt

Outside Venders: Oklahoma Strings Quartet - Joseph Guevara - 405-789-4672;
Alan Ball - Photographer -405-681-3163; Instant Memories Photo Booth -1-580-220-9109

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

First Wedding Booked at Walnut Creek Chapel -Sandi Hinkle & Sean Freeman - 12.27.2003 Wedding/Receptionl

Sandi Hinkle & Sean Freeman
Mr. & Mrs. Sean Freeman's
Wedding and Reception was held Ten Years Ago on 12.27.2013 at Walnut Creek Chapel.
Judy Moninger,co-owner,  Sandi Freeman, -former Bride, and Dr. Gene Nease, co-owner of Walnut Creek Chapel. 
Sandi came by the Walnut Creek Chapel Booth at the Farmers Market Perfect Wedding Bridal Show on 2.24.2013.  It was a JOY to see Sandi and Thank her again for being the FIRST Couple to book their wedding at Walnut Creek Chapel. 

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Krystal McMaster & Jason Danel Wedding/Reception on 3.16.2013 at Walnut Creek Chapel - Dr. Gene Nease - Minister

Krystal McMaster & Jason Danel
"Best Wishes"
Black Lanterns

Madelines Floral provided aisle candle fresh flowers.
Grandparents and Parents lining up with Judy Moninger - Coordinator and Co-Owner of Walnut Creek Chaepel
Sawed Tree Rounds, with Initials on every table
Rustic, Deer Horns, Candles, Cowboy Boots, Grape Purple and Hot Pink
A Spot for Tea - Caterer - Heavy Hor's displayed on uplighting under tables.
Sweetheart Linens - Angelique Zachery- Grape Satin Sashes and Ivory/Ivory Stripe Tablecloths; IES - Lighting
Sweete Connection - Cakes
Venders: A Spot for Tea - Caterer- Tammy & Eric Seibert, owners, www.aspotfortea.com; Integrity Limo - Brad Johnson-Owner, Susie Lopez - Bar Service; A+ Entertainment - Chris Cox -Owner; Tim Sisson-DJ; Sweetheart Linens - Grape purple satin sashes and ivory tablecloths; David Briscoe- Chapel Musician; Digital Video Productions; Randy Poff - Owner; Ideas in Ice- Waterford ice punch bowl; Sweete Connection - Susan Taunton. Other Venders: Scott Laskey Images - Robert Posar-Jerry Hymer-Photographers; IES Lighting- Dewey Beene-Owner; Madelines Floral;