Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Karli Sale & Michael Shepherd 3.2.2013 Wedding at Walnut Creek Chapel - Richard H. Sale - Minister

Taylor with Holli B Photography - Picture Signing Book and Photographer for the evening.
Charlotte Nease - Blogged the following pictures of  the elegant black, white, silver and gold wedding.
Beautiful String Quartet provided ceremony music from -Mid America - Michael Reaves -(405) 722-0152
Bridal Party waiting for their entrance.
Rick Sale-Minister
Father and Daughter viewing the closed circuit TV before her entrance into the Chapel.
Karli and Chic Sale - Father of Bride
Tammy Seibert - Coordinator and Facebook photography of wedding.  Thanks Tammy for some great pictures.
Beautiful March Evening Wedding - Karen Smith and Jane Sale decorated the Chapel.
Photo from Picture Signing Book by Taylor at Holli B Photography
Kissing Ball for Flower Girl

Karli and Michael Sheperd leaving Walnut Creek Chapel
in Integrity Limo- Brad Johnson -Owner- (405)819-6054

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