Friday, May 28, 2010

Katlyn Simpson & Kyle Cornman Wedding/Reception 5/21/2010

Katie (Bride) & Bill (Father) in the Family Gathering Room
anticipating the Ceremony in the Chapel

Flower Girls: Mattie, Brooke & Alexis

Purple Sashes & Runners provided by "Pink Petal Linens"

Cigars for Favors

Purple how divine!!!

Heavy Hor's provided by "A Spot For Tea"

Wonderful Wait Staff !!!!!!
Janice, Pat, Karla, Tayler, Dayna, Margaret, Kelsey, Susie, Wendy & Noy

Karla, Tayler, Kelsey, Wendy & Noy

Bride's Cake provided by "Sweete Conntection"

Groom's Cake

Angela Davenport & Jay Sanderson Wedding/Reception 5/2210

Special Reception Provided by "Jennifer Klotz Photography"

Special Dance in the Reception
provided by "Jennifer Klotz Photography"

Special Moments in the Chapel
provided by "Jennifer Klotz Photography"

Photography provided by "Jennifer Klotz Photography"

Flowers Provided by "Flowers by Pat"

Tropical Fresh Flowers for the
Candy Box Favors provided by "Flowers by Pat"
Candy Box Favors
Pink Petal Linens Provided Chair Sashes

Groom's Cake YUM!! "Sweete Connection"

Cake provided by "Sweete Connection"
Flowers provided by "Flowers by Pat"

Angie & Andy's Two Heart Ice Sculpture
for the Buffet Table
provided by "Ideas In Ice"

Sashes provided by "Pink Petal Linens"

Heather Gasper & Joseph Burton Wedding/Reception 5/22/2010

Groom's Eagle Cake provided by "Sweete Connection"
Cake provided by "Sweete Connection" flowers "Broadway Florist"

Waterford Ice Punch Bowl provided by "Ideas In Ice"

Buffet Table

Fruit/Veg Dip, Cheese and Crackers were serviced before the
Bridal Party was introduced into Reception, then a Buffet follow
provided by "A Spot for Tea"
Parmesan Crusted Chicken Breast w/mannara sauce on side
Golden Scalloped Potatoes
Green Beans
Crisp Green Salad

Warm Brown and gold chargers

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Racquel Salvador & Chris De La Mater Wedding/Reception 5/23/2010

Walnut Creek Chapel
Flowers provided by "Cheevers"

Rachael & Chris

Lovely programs

Flower arrangements in Walnut Creek Chapel's tall tower vases
provided by "Cheevers"

Lite Hor's before the Bridal Party arrived for Reception
provided by "A Spot for Tea". A lovely buffet followed the appetizers.

Flowers provided by "Cheevers"

"Pink Petal Linens" provided hot pink sashes on the white garden chairs

Sweete Connection provided the hot pink and black Bride's Cake

Favorite Groom's cake provided by "Sweete Connection"

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Cara Richardson & Drew Spivey Wedding/Reception 5/16/2010

They will never forget the day it rained and hailed
on Sunday, May 16, 2010
and their great ceremony and reception
Small photos of the couple on each table

Lite Hor's provided by "A Spot For Tea"

Blue Toppers and Spring Flowers

Bride's Cake & Cheesecakes with toppings for Groom's favorite sweet
provided by "Sweete Connection"

Kristi Robare & Roger Pugh Wedding/Reception 5/15/2010

Guest Book Table Tiffany Blue and Yellow

Flowers provided by "Especially for You"

Roger, Kristi and Alyssa

Cake provided by "Sweete Connection" beautiful jewelry adorn the bows

Yellow, Tiffany Blue and Pink 

Arrangements provided by "Especially for You"

Program table

Headlines on the Groom's Cake

Traditional Irish - The Wedding Bell
This traditional Irish wedding gift is also know as a "make-up" bell. The "make-up" or "wedding" bell is supposed to ensure the Bride and Groom stay ever-mindful of their wedding vows and the love they share on this day, their wedding day.
So whenever they are in an argument or otherwise upset with each other one of them can ring the bell instead of walking away. The make-up bell helps them remember this special day and their precious vows to each other; snapping them out of their angry mood.
Ringing the bell is also a handy, light-hearted way for the couple to tell each other when they are not entirely happy and need to work something out!!
Kristi and Roger shared this beautiful expression with each other during the ceremony.