Thursday, May 20, 2010

Kristi Robare & Roger Pugh Wedding/Reception 5/15/2010

Guest Book Table Tiffany Blue and Yellow

Flowers provided by "Especially for You"

Roger, Kristi and Alyssa

Cake provided by "Sweete Connection" beautiful jewelry adorn the bows

Yellow, Tiffany Blue and Pink 

Arrangements provided by "Especially for You"

Program table

Headlines on the Groom's Cake

Traditional Irish - The Wedding Bell
This traditional Irish wedding gift is also know as a "make-up" bell. The "make-up" or "wedding" bell is supposed to ensure the Bride and Groom stay ever-mindful of their wedding vows and the love they share on this day, their wedding day.
So whenever they are in an argument or otherwise upset with each other one of them can ring the bell instead of walking away. The make-up bell helps them remember this special day and their precious vows to each other; snapping them out of their angry mood.
Ringing the bell is also a handy, light-hearted way for the couple to tell each other when they are not entirely happy and need to work something out!!
Kristi and Roger shared this beautiful expression with each other during the ceremony.

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