Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Winter Wedding for Joann Owen & Willis Smith on 12.27.2015 - Walnut Creek Chapel - Richard Hogue - Minister

Winter Wedding 12.27.2015 
Joann Owen and Willis Smith
Mr and Mrs Smith
Best Wishes and Lots of Happiness
from Walnut Creek Chapel Staff 
Marilyn Hogue - Reader
Richard Hogue - Minister
during Vows of Joann and Willis Marriage Ceremony 
Communion during Wedding Ceremony for the Couple 
Beautiful Rings on a Satin Pillow 
Unity Candle 
Closed Circuit Camera on Family United Candle Ceremony 
Family during the Unity Candle Ceremony 
Communion for the Couple and MJ sings "Lord's Prayer"
Christ Red Candles 
Crystal Candle Holders and Sprigs of Greenery and Pinecones
Randi - Vocalist - At Last 
Winter Wonderland in Oklahoma in December
Winter Wedding at Walnut Creek Chapel
Cold Outside - Snow  Warm Inside
Witness -  Elizabeth 
Witness Shellie 
Joann Signing the License
Joann Owen, Willis Smith, and Richard Hogue - Minister
Signing the License
Venders: Judy Moninger - WCChapel Co-Owner/Wedding Planner, Charlotte Nease- WCChapel Blogger, Other Venders: Richard Hogue - Minister at City Church, Harmon Ray - Photograph;y
Whole Foods Florist 

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