Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Kaley Bishop and Mason Gillion- Red Christmas-Walnut Creek Chapel Wedding/Reception on 12.10.2016- Russ Miller- Officiant

December Wedding Pic on the Bridge in the Gardens
Mr and Mrs Gillion
Thank You for choosing US!!
Best Wishes and Congratulations !!!!
 Thom and Kaley 
in Hallway to Chapel 
Thom and Kaley and Judy Moninger - Wedding Planner/Coordinator

 Father presenting Bride for Marriage
 Unity Candle 
Altar at Walnut Creek Chapel 
Signing the License
 Pick a Seat and Not a Side 
 Aisle Candles with Red Berries 
 Crystal Candle Holders 
Winter Greenery and Pinecones 

Brides Bouquet 
Wedding Shoes and Blue Toenails 
 Thom (Father of Bride) and Kaley Bishop

Kaley and Jasmine (Maid of Honor) 
Russ Miller - Officiant, Mason Gillion- Groom, Colby - Best Man 

Colby, Mason Gillion, Kaley Bishop, Jasmine
Wedding Party 
Facebook Pics provided by Tammy Seibert - Social Media
Venders: Judy Moninger - Co-Owner/Wedding Planner/Coordinator, Charlotte Nease
WCChapel Blogger, Tammy Seibert - Facebook pics, Other Venders: Floral23.com - Florist, Tori Vorhoven - Photograper, Russ Miller- Officiant. 

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