Wednesday, June 10, 2020

Rose Lopez and Brandon Gorman Walnut Creek Chapel Wedding/Reception on 6.6.2020 - Dr. Gene Nease - Minister

 Rose Lopez and Brandon Gorman
with Rose's parents pictures
Walnut Creek Chapel
Dr. Gene Nease - Chapel Minister/Owner
Charlotte Nease - Coordinator
Tammy Seibert - Social Media
Best Wishes to a couple as our
first International Giving of Bride to Groom
on Zoom
Welcome Sign
 Matte Signing 

 Pick a seat, Not a Side, You'r loved by both
the Groom and Bride 
 Heart cones for guest to toss silk petals to couple as they
exit at the recessional 
 Matte of Couple for signatures
 Parents of Bride
Pictures on the Front Pew
as the Parents couldn't leave the Phillipines
because of covid 19
 Heart Signing off Guests
 Altar at Walnut Creek Chapel
 Outside in the Garden 

First Look into Chapel 
Rose and Uncle Jerry coming in front double doors
 of Walnut Creek Chapel

Presentation of Bride to Groom
 Balcony pic of Bridal Party during ceremony 
with Dr. Gene Nease - WCChapel Minister and Owner
 Unity Candle Ceremony 
 David Briscoe - singing and playing during Unity Candle Ceremony 
Beautiful Music - David!!
Caught a pic of Jess Hamm - Photogrpaher
Rose, Uncle Jerry down aisle to Brandon
First International by Zoom
of Parents in the Phillipines giving
their daughter in Marriage
They were unable to attend
Thank You Chris Cox for this excellent pic
of Rose and Brandon and some great music .
 Thank You Tammy for the Bridal Party Pic
in the Gardens
 Mr and Mrs Gorman in Garden
  Bride's Maids and Bride in WCChapel Gardens

First Look into Celebration Room 

 Tall Towers on Mirrors for some tables
 Sweetheart Table for Rose and Brandon
 Sweetheart Table for  Couple
Light Pink and Lavender Colors
Lavender Ring in Large Bowl w/Hurricane Globe Candle
First Dance as Mr and Mrs

Honeymoon Fun 
 Ice Tea, Water, Lemonade and Coffee
 Light Hors D'oeuvres
 Debbie and David Gorman (Parents of Groom)
 Buffet Table 

 Bridal Party 
Alexis Perry, Bo Gorman, Ryan Mullins, Dennie Deliva/Fernandez, 
Angel Deliva and Trevor Gorman
Jerry and ChaCha (Bride's Aunt and Uncle)
Lilly - Flower Girl
Light Hors D'oeuvres
Menu Board
 Cake Table 
 Susan Taunton - Sweete Connection - Cake Designer
Cheesecake w/Chocolate Syrup
Sweete Connection 
Couple visiting each table 
Thank You Tammy Seibert for the beautiful collage
of Gorman Wedding/Reception

WCChapel Venders: Dr. Gene Nease - Minister, Charlotte Nease - Coordinator,
Tammy Seibert - Social Media, David Briscoe, Ceremony Musician, A+ Entertainment -Chris Cox - Owner/DJ, A Spot for Tea  - Tammy and Chef Eric Seibert - Owner/Caterer, Susan Taunton - Sweete Connection - Cake Designer, Susie Lopez- Bar Service, Janita Sonnaggera - Bartender, Brad Johnson - Integrity Limo, Owner/Driver, Superior Linens, Other Venders: Jess Hamm - Photographer, Joely Ferguson -Videographer, Shogun - Rehearsal Dinner, A Loft Hotel - Couples Hotel Lodging 

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