Thursday, May 17, 2018

Hosting Tanner Isaac Nease Yukon High School Come and Go Graduation Party on Sun. 5.13.18 - 2:00-4:00pm. by Misty and Greg Nease

Tanner Isaac Nease
Yukon High School 
Come and Go Graduation Party
5.13.2018 2018  -   2:00-4:00
at Walnut Creek Chapel 
Misty Nease made this book
Facebook and Instagram Pics by Tammy Seibert
Busy Tanner
Lots of Pictures
Celebration Room for a Great Young Man
 Greg, Tanner, Misty Nease
Cache, Cierra, Tanner, Misty, Greg, Tate
NEASE Family

Guests gathering 
Red, White and Black - YUKON MILLER COLORS
 Baseball Cookies 
 Candy Graduation Hats
Treats to take home

 Misty Talking to Guests

Lots of Friends and Family
Everyone talking to Tanner 
 Ed and Diane Steiner and Kristi Swink - Family
Baseball friends

Gene Nease, Sherry and Mark Pruitt - 
 Cierra Nease - Sister  visiting 
 Tanner, Charlotte and Gene Nease with the 3 Seibert Cousins 
Brock, Blake, Tanner, Ben
 Baylee and Tammy Seibert 
Greg greeting guests  

 Gene Nease and Eric Seibert 
 Tanner and his brothers Tate, Cache and Swink Family Cousins
Misty and Tanner 
 N E A S E done with Glasses
Thank You Cache (Brother) very creative.
 Tanner's Cake 
Charlotte and Gene Nease with Tanner
 Misty and Tanner at the Dessert Table 
 Serving Cake 
Kristi, Misty, Angie, Baylee and Tanner 
 Haley - Thanks for helping serve
Water, Tea, and Lemonade at the Drink Station

 Sherry and Cierra
 Sherry and Nic
 Lots of visiting going on 
Sherry surrounded by GRANDS

 Kristi and Misty (SISTERS)
 Sherry and Tanner
 Kristi and only SWINK Girl 
 SWINK Family 
Outside on the Patio 
 Just before the Party on the Patio 
 Nice Day on the Patio 
Funny Greg with Tanner and Misty 
Thanks Blake for Instagram pic
Pictures from Sherry Pruitt, Tammy Seibert, 
Blake Seibert and Charlotte Nease
Thanks You!!!

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