Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Surprise 60th B'Day Party for Julie Carver on 2.3.2018 at Walnut Creek Chapel - Tammy Seibert - Event Planner

Surprise 60th B'Day Celebration for Julie Carver
Cassie Gentry, Kevin Carver in Center
Tammy Seibert - Facebook Collage and Event Planner
on 2.3.2018 at Walnut Creek Chapel 
Thank You for choosing us for this special SURPRISE!!
Bling, Fresh Flowers and Sixty Theme
First Look 
Black Tablecloths, Pink, Gold and Lots of BLING!!!

Cassie Carver/Gentry, Tyler Gentry
and Jett Gentry
They were married on 12.29.2018 
at Walnut Creek Chapel
So excited to have them back at the Chapel
with their handsome son Jett (9 months old)

Hor's Table 
7 Layered Dip
Chips and Salsa 
 Fajita Bar Menu
Sliced Marinated Steak Strips
Grilled Chicken Strips
Flour and Corn Tortillas
Sauteed Peppers and Onions
Spanish Rice
Refried Beans
Drinks Tea, Lemonade, Coffee

Cassie in the Green Light of  Wise Guys Band
Great Music!!!! and Dancing 

Colored Bottles and Lots of Fresh Flowers 
Wise Guys Band - AWESOME!!!!
Cassie - The Birthday Lady Dancing 
 SIXTY & SEXY PINK Balloons 
Birthday Cake
Sweete Connection - Susan Taunton - Cake Designer
Friend brought a large Eileen's Cookie Treat 
Pink Roses and Baby's Breath for JULIE 


Bar and Koozies 
Susie Lopez - Bar Service
Jennifer Simmons - Bartender 
Tammy Seibert - Walnut Creek Chapel Event Planner
and Kim Stubbs - Photography Lady and friend of Julie's
Great person to capture the MOMENTS!!!!
VENDERS:  Tammy Seibert - WCChapel Event Planner, Charlotte Nease-WCChapel Blogger, 
Susan Taunton -Sweete Connection - Cake Designer, Susie Lopez - Bar Service and Jennifer
Simmons - Bartender, A Spot for Tea - Caterer - Tammy and Chef Eric Seibert - Owner/Caterer,
Other Venders: Wise Guys Band - Jeb Reid 

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