Thursday, July 6, 2017

Kalonna Phillips and Royce Braggs Walnut Creek Chapel Wedding/Reception on 7.2.2017 - Dr. Gene Nease - Minister

Wedding Party
Kalonna Phillips and Royce Braggs
Dr. Gene Nease
Ramey (bm) and Debbie (moh)
Charlie and Stephanie
Chuck and Kari
Brad and Cierra
Best Regards and Lots of Happiness
from the Staff at Walnut Creek Chapel
on 7.2.2017
Look from Front Doors of Chapel  
Down the Aisle 
 Guest Book Table - BETTER TOGETHER
 Young Picture of Royce and Kalonna
Guess age!!!

 Card Cage and Pillow, Baskets and Sign 
Here come the love of your life - Sign 
Guest Book Table 
Guest Book 
Storm and Kaden -Sons and Ushers
 Bridal Party 
 Tammy Seibert - WCChapel Coordinator 

 Kalonna Phillips - Storm and Kaden (sons)
walking Kalonna through double doors
Presentation of Bride to Groom 
 Walnut Creek Chapel Altar

Cross Ceremony 
Cross Ceremony 
Recessional of Bride and Groom
Mr and Mrs
Bride and Groom Ring Bearers, Flower Girls
 First Look from Double Doors 

 Tower Vases with White Feathers
Mirrors, bling, gold votives

Head Table
Champagne Gold, and White 

 Lite Hor's

 Lighted Cake Table 
 Groom's Cake -Oreo Chocolate
 Tammy Seibert - Walnut Creek Chapel Wedding Planner/Coordinator
 Kalonna Phillips and 
 Tammy Seibert - Dancing with the Group
Having FUN!!!!

Lots of Dancing
Facebook - Tammy Seibert -Wedding Coord. 
 Beautiful Pics from Stubbs Photography by Kim
Thank you for sharing 
Always a Joy to have you at WCChapel 

Venders: Gene Nease, WCChapel Minister, David Briscoe - Chapel Musician, Tammy Seibert - Wedding Planner/Coordinator/Facebook/Instagram, Integrity - Limo Service - Brad Johnson - Owner/Driver, Security - Chris Sonaggera, Sweete Connection -Susan Taunton - Cake Designer, A Spot for Tea - Preferred Caterer, Tammy and Chef Eric Seibert - Owners,Charlotte Nease - WCChapel Blogger,  A+ Entertainment - Chris Cox - Owner/DJ, Superior Linens. Other Venders: Stubbs Photography by Kim. 

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