Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Shea Fryer and Jordan Campbell Black Lanterns on Wooden Circles w/couples initial carved in circle edge w/purple flowers at Walnut Creek Chapel Wedding/Reception on 2.18.17 - Ted Miller - Minister

Recession of Shea and Jordan
Mr and Mrs Campbell Hashtag #mmmmgood
Picture provided by Tammy Seibert
Thank You for choosing
Walnut Creek Chapel for your Special place to say 
"I DO"
Shea and Brent (Father of  Bride)

First Look down the aisle from Double Doors
Kamery and Briggs down aisle 
Brent (Father of Bride) escorting Shea to Jordan 

Down the Aisle 
Bride, Father of Bride and Groom
Ted Miller - Minister 
Bridal Party - Vows
Cross Puzzle Ceremony
Jordan and Shea assembling 
Cross Puzzle 
Picture taken from closed circuit camera
Groom may KISS the Bride
Briggs and Kamery 
Judy Moninger - Co-Owner/Wedding Planner/Coordinator

Alyssa - Guest Attendant of Globe Signing 
Shea - Reflection 
Shea and Vicki (Mother of Bride) 
Signing of License
Making it official
Shea, Ted Miller - Minister, Jordan
Selfie - Hashtag #mmmmgood
Purple color and Engagement Pic
Reflection from altar shown in the Piano 
Cards, Pillow, Basket 
Briggs (Ring Bearer) and Kamery (Flower Girl) 
Kamery's Rabbit 
Globes for signing 
Hallway pictures 
Engagement Pic 
First look from hallway double door of Celebration Room 
Mr and Mrs Table 
Circle Wood Blocks with Initials of Couple 
Black Lanterns, purple flowers, candles on wood  holders
Lace, White, Silver and Purple 

Children's Table 

I Do, (A Book made just for You) 
Candy Bar Table 
Candy Bar Kisses 

Mint to be 

Cake Table 

Cheesecake Bites 

Cake provided by Uptown Bakery 

Lace, purple flowers and ribbon 
Facebook pic provided by Tammy Seibert
Venders: Judy Moninger - WCChapel Co-Owner and Wedding Planner/Coordinator, 
Superior Linens, Charlotte Nease- WCChapel Blogger, Judy Monnger - I Pad, Tammy Seibert - WCChapel Facebook pics.   Other Venders: Ted Miller - Minister - Crossroads Church, Carmen Pearson - Photographer, Dustin - I Pad music, Rehearsal Dinner- Johnny Carinos - 

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