Thursday, March 3, 2016

Marcia & Martin Granthams - Oklahoma Lovebirds - Married for over 60 Years- Some Great Tips!!!

Martin and Marcia Grantham, lovely couple are native lovebirds from Oklahoma, and have been married for over sixty years in honor of 2016 Valentine's Day.  
With all joking aside, Marcia advises, "From the day you get married, don't ever go to bed mad at each other.  It works. "Give and Take", says Martin.
"We very definitely had to trust each other." "I had to trust him when he was out on the road."  "As a result, I think it brought us closer together."
"We really enjoy being together.  He is my best friend." she says.
"And she's my little sweetheart." he smiles. 
  - Excerpts Copied from The Maverick Magazine - 
February 2016- page 22-23.

When we opened Walnut Creek Chapel in 2003 - 
Marcia and Martin Grantham's picture 
is displayed at Walnut Creek Chapel 
in the Family Gathering Room.
Gene and Charlotte Nease.  - Co-Owners of WCChapel
have been friends with the Granthams for many years.

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