Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Ashley Harper and Randal Allison - Walnut Creek Chapel Wedding/Reception - Rev. Michael Howard - Minister

Ashley Harper , Mike Howard - Minister, and Randy Allison 
Couple saying their written vows

Sand Ceremony and Fresh Altar Flowers by Flowers by Pat 
Closed Circuit Photo of Vows
Randy and Ashley Canvas Picture - Programs and Memory Candle 
Black LCD Lanters  and Purple Silk Petals 
Yellow SunFlowers on Aisle Candles with Purple Bows 

Card Mailbox with lights - Picture book , 
Sign and Mr and Mrs. Blocks
Making a Memory - Signing a Purple Quilt 
Bridal Party 
Ashley and Randy Allison in the Garden 
Gary and Mary Ann Allison 
Gary and Mary Ann Allison -Parents of Groom 
Son and Mother
Randy Allison ushered - Mary Ann and Gary Allison 
Mary Harper and Robert Harper - ushered by Kyle (brother of bride)
Signing the License
Best Man, Maid of Honor and Pastor Mike Howard 
Signing the License 
Family: Mary Harper, Guest, Robert & Mary Harper
Facebook Pics - Tammy Seibert - Coordinator WCChapel 
Ashley and Randy Allison 
Green Grass in the Gardens it is SPRING!!!
White/White Stripe Floor Length Table Linens - Conventions and More
Head Table Mr and Mrs. Purple and Yellow Colors.  Sheer Purple Toppers and Sheer Purple Chair Sashes.
Fresh Flowers by Flowers by Pat in tall vases 
Fresh Buffet Bouquet of Flowers - Flowers by Pat 
Buffet Menu: Smoked Beef Brisket w/BBQ-sauce, Honey Glazed Ham, Green Beans, Sweet Corn, Crisp Green Salad with Dressings, Caesar Salad, Tortellini Alfredo and Croissants w/butter
A Spot for Tea - Caterers - Tammy and Chef Eric Seibert 
Please Autograph the Bottles of Wine for the Couple 
Collection of Photos 
Honey Moon Fund Box 
Lighted Mail Box for Cards 

Cake Table 
Lemonade with lemons, limes and Strawberries
Mr and Mrs Allison Topper- Sweete Connection  - 
Susan Taunton -Cake Designer
Grooms Cake - Sweete Connection - Susan Taunton - Cake Designer
Purple, Yellow, White were colors - Ideas in Ice - 
Ice sculpture Punch Bowl with fresh lemons and purple flowers.
Special Painting for Ashley and Randy Allison
Venders: David Briscoe - Chapel Musician, Integrity Limo, - Brad Johnson - Owner/Driver, Sweete Connetion - Susan Taunton - Cake Designer, Tammy Seibert- Coordinator and Facebook pics for Walnut Creek Chapel, Charlotte Nease- Blogger for Walnut Creek Chapel, A Spot for Tea - Eric Seibert- Chef/Owner.  Ideas in Ice - Plain ice sculpture punch bowl with lemons and purple silk flowers, A+ Entertainment - Chris Cox- Owner/DJ, Conventions and More - White/White Floor Length Table Linens, Spirit Shack - Bar Service - Susie Lopez- Owner, Jennifer Walsh - Bartender, Other Venters: Digital Video Productions - Randy Poff - Owner, Rachael Close- Photography, Flowers by Pat - Fresh Flowers and Bridal flowers.

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