Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Megan Fitzwilliam & Patrick Morgan - Walnut Creek Chapel Wedding/Reception on 11.15.2014 - Stephen Hoskins- Chaplain

Megan Fitzwilliam and Patrick Morgan
Mr and Mrs Morgan 
Best Wishes from the Gazebo at Walnut Creek Chapel Gardens
During Ceremony 
Bridal Party - Photo from Loft at Walnut Creek Chapel 
Chaplain Stephen Hoskins - Officiant
Pic from Closed Circuit Camera 
Bridal Party and Pretty Blue Sky 
Beautiful Bride in Gazabo 
Signing the License - Chaplain Stephen Hoskins - Offician,  Megan and Patrick Morgan 
Pumpkin Orange, Turquoise, and Ivory 

Trumpet Vases - Fresh Flowers - Flowers by Pat and assorted Orange Pumpkins at Altar 
Pews - Miniture Pumpkins, Orange and Blue Flowers  in Wicker Basket 
Blue Bird (Good Luck ) with Thank You Pumpkins  and  Wooden Card Bucket  
Memory Table - Red Roses - provided by Flowers by Pat 
Matte Signng 
Carved Pumpkins and Photo of Couple 
Good Smiles 
Jackson - Usher Ruth & Gene , 
Lois & Ray
Patrick escorting Robin and Patrick Morgan (Parents of Groom) 

Brenna Rahrig
Shannon Fitzwilliam 
Danny and Marsha (Brides Parents) escorting Megan - Judy Moninger - Coordinator/Co-Owner at WCChapel 
Family Pics 
Facebook Pics - Tammy Seibert - Marketing at WCChapel 
Fresh Flowers -- Flowers by Pat - Orange and Turquoise Blue 
Fall Leaf Wreaths
Megan and Patrick 11.15.14
The Morgan Family Plaque
Haven (Ring Bearer) , Jaydn with Kennedy (Meghan's daughter) (Flower Girls)  
Book Mark Favor at each Place Setting
Flowers by Pat 

Ivory Stripe Floor Length Tablecloths - Conventions and More 
A Spot for Tea - Appetizers - Fruit w/Fruit Dip, Cheese & Crackers, Eggs Rolls with Sauce, Meatballs in Sauce
Buffet Table 
Sweete Connection - Cake Designer, Cheesecakes with toppings,  Ideas in Ice (Swirl) Ice Sculpture Punch Bowl-  
Cake Table 
White Pumpkin Vases for Fresh Flowers by Flowers by Pat 
Orange Pumpkins, Blue Candles, White Cylinders with Led Lights, Ivory Floor Length Table Cloths  with Pumpkin Orange Organza Runners, Fall Leaves, and votive candles 
Props for Photo Booth 
Sons of Chis and Malissa Cox before the A+ Entertainment Photo Booth Opened
Lighted Gardens 

Buffet Dinner 
Menu: Crisp Green Salad, Ramen Noodle Salad, Italian Herb Chicken Breast, Smoked Beef Brisket w/BBQ sauce on side, New Potato Casserole w/Toppings for Potato Bar- Brown Gravy, Sour Cream, Cheese, Bacon and Chives, Italian Green Beans, Croissants w/Butter   
Party Time 
On the Dance Floor 
Robin Morgan (Mother of Groom) and her special guest
Matte Signing 
Special Bottle of Champagne 
Logo from ULM
Sweete Connection - Susan Taunton Brides cake and Cheesecakes with toppings
Eric Seibert - Chef at A Spot for Tea 
Megan and Patrick are both Police Officers in Oklahoma City 
Venders: David Briscoe - Musician, Integrity - Limo - Brad Johnson- Owner/Driver, A+ Entertainment- Chris Cox - Owner/DJ and Malissa and their boys also a Photo Booth, Susan Taunton - Cake Designer, A Spot for Tea- Tammy & Eric Seibert - Owners/Chef and Facebook Pics of Wedding/Reception, Susie Lopez- Bar Service, Jenn and Betty - Bartenders, Conventions and More - Ivory Floor Length Tablecloths and Pumpkin Orange Organza Runners, Ideas in Ice - Swirl Ice Sculpture Punch Bowl, Other Venders: Flowers by Pat - Trumpet vases of Fresh Flowers, Bridal Party, Fresh Arrangements in White Pumpkins, Fresh Flowers on Buffet Table, Amanda Serna - Photographer, Chaplain Stephen Hoskins - Officiant   

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