Monday, August 25, 2014

Stacy Lynn Smith and Nathaniel L. McKinnis - Book Lovers Walnut Creek Chapel Wedding/Reception on 8.23.14 - Mike Fetters- Minister Church- of The Journey

Nathaniel McKinnis and Stacy Smith
Mr and Mrs McKinnis 
Steve - (fob)- Stacy (Bride) 
Stacy Smith - Escorted by Steve (Father of Bride) 

During Ceremony - Mike Fetters - Minister
Parents and Grand Parents
Parents and Grandparents
Katie - Tree Signing Canvass
Judy Moninger - WCChapel Coordinator and Katie - Canvass Attendant

Guest being seated during Prelude Music - Provided by David Briscoe- Musician 
Nick and Mitch - Ushers
Nat- Groom - Escorting Kay (Mother of Groom) 
Janis Smith - Mother of Bride
Shalee Dixon (Matron of Honor )- 
Married at Walnut Creek Chapel on 6/27/2007 
Kim Douglas (moh) 
Caleb, Luke (metal suitcase), Josh - Bible 
Programs and Pic of Engagement Canvas
Avery - Flower Ball - Judy Moninger --
 WCChapel Coordinator for Wedding/Reception for Nat and Stacy
London Card Box and Toss Bouquet
Stamp Guest Canvass - "Nathaniel & Stacy"
Sand Ceremony - Peacock Blue, Black and White Sand
Groom - Black/White Shoes 
Peacock Feather Men's Bout's - How Cool!!!
Peacock Blue and Lime Green - Peacock Colors 
Photo of Nat and Stacy 
Peacock Royal Blue Dresses for Bridesman and Flower Girl 
Bridal Party in Favorite T- Shirt Characters

Appetizer - Fresh Chrisp Green Salad and Dressings during pics.
Facebook Pics - Tammy Seibert- WCChapel Marketing/Coordinator
Buffet:  Ramen Noodle Salad, Golden Scalloped Potatoes, Tuscan Vegetable Medley, Parmesan Crusted Chicken Breast, Smoked Beef Brisket, Croissant Rolls w/butter - provided by A Spot for Tea - WCChapel Caterer
Guest Tables with their own creation of Books, cochet, lanterns and Pearls
Crochet lace, Books, Lanterns and Pearls  on Display 
Each Table had a collection of  Books on Display on top of Mirrors
Head Table for Bride and Groom with Lited Telepone Booth 
Royal Blue Runners
Classic Books on Display each Table Different
Collection of Wonderful Books
White Lanterns and Books with Lace and Pearls on Mirrors
Book Marks
Peacock Blue Lites under Cake Glass

Lovely Bride's Broch Bouquet
Yes!! Garden Pics
Led Lite in Groom's Cake - Kim Douglas - Designer of Cakes
Brochs Bouquets for Bridesmaid and Bride - provided by Kim Douglas - (MOH)
Venders: David Briscoe - Musician, Integrity - Limo- Brad Johnson- Owner/Driver, A+ Entertainment - Chris Cox- Owner- Malissa- DJ, Susie Lopez- Bar Service - Jenn-Bartender, Ideas in Ice - Artesian Ice Sculpture Punch Bowl, A Spot for Tea - Tammy & Eric Seibert - Caterers, Tammy Seibert- Facebook Pics, Judy Moninger - Co-Owner/Coordinator for wedding/reception, Charlotte Nease-Blogger, Conventions & More- Black/Black Stripe Floor Length Tablecloths, Other Venders:Amanda McKinnis - Photographer, Kim Douglas- Designer of Both Cakes, Mike Fetters- Minister- Church of the Journey, Honeymoon-Disney World - Florida, Janis - Peacock Blue Toppers, 

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