Monday, March 17, 2014

Jessica Hopkins & Kyle Jackson at Walnut Creek Chapel & Event Center on 3.15.2014 - Mark Sanford- Minister

Jessica Hopkins and Kyle Jackson
Jessica and Scott (Father of Bride) Arriving at Front Doors of Chapel
Scott (Father of Bride) Escorting Jessica through Double Doors
Mark Stanford - Minister during Ceremony with Joseph Akins Violinist and Audra Faust Soloist
The Unity Cross Ceremony 
The Unity Cross Puzzle captured on Closed Circuit TV
Special Moment with Family at the Altar
Special Moment caught on Closed Circuit TV
Jessica and Kyle Jackson - Special design paper and silk flowers made by Bride for her Bouquet
Jessica and Kyle  taking the time to view the Memory Table in the Hall Way to Reception
Programs and Cards to explain Unity Cross Puzzle 
Grandmother's Bible  to Carry by ring bearer , Unity Cross Puzzle, and Blue Laced Card Cage
Paper Hearts for Flower Girls Boxes
Flower Boxes for Flower Girls to Carry
Wooden Hearts for Guests to Sign 
Scott and Lisa Hopkins - (Brides Parents)
Jayme and Rick Jackson (Grooms Parents)
Chloe, Charlotte and Samantha
Ring Bearer- Cameron  and Flower Girls  Charlotte and Samantha
After Wedding - Taking Pics in Chapel 
Memory Table of Grooms Mother, Grandmother and Aunt
Sheli Sapp - Mother of Groom
Grandmother of 
Pictures of Couple Displayed
Very Berry Booth Co.  
Candy Table of Blue, Green Candies for Favors - Brides Design
Buffet Table by A Spot for Tea
Cascades of Fruit/Veg/Cheese
A Spot for Tea - Lite Hor's
Menu: Assorted Croissant Sandwiches, Cubed Cheese/Crackers, Fiesta Cheeseball, Fruit w/Fruit dip and Garden Vegetables w/Ranch Dip
Stacked  Books Theme of Wedding and Reception
Kids Table
Special folded books tied on guest tables
Jessica (Bride) made all the folded books and Paper Flowers 
Babys Breath with tied books- Brides design 
Different books on each guest table by Jessica - Brides design
Instagram your pictures to #jessandkylegetmarried
Beautiful Cake Table with Punch Bowl
Bride's Cake by Sweete Connection - graduated color from lite top to darker blue bottom tier
Groom's Stacked Book Cakes - by Sweete Connection - Susan Taunton 
Bride made all the Paper Flowers
Karen Gomez - Florist for Jessica's Wedding
Jessica Hopkins Pre- Bridal Pics by  Jesse Miller - Photographer
Pre- Bridal Photos of Jessica Hopkins by Jesse Miller - Photographer
Jesse Miller - Photographer
Jesse Miller - Photographer
Walnut Creek Chapel Gazebo - 
Photography by Jesse Miller 
Blue Door- Photography by Jesse Miller

Bridal Pics of Jessica - Jesse Miller Photography - 702-528-2629
Best Wishes - 
Facebook Pics - Tammy Seibert- Walnut Creek Chapel Coordinator
VENDERS: A Spot for Tea - Tammy and Eric Seibert - WCChapel Caterer, David Briscoe - Pianist, Digital Video Productions - Randy Poff - Owner-Videographer, Integrity - Brad Johnson, Limo Service, Sweete Connection- Cake Designer, Susan Taunton. A+ Entertainment - Chris Cox - Owner-DJ, Very Berry Photo Booth Co - Zac McDorr-Owner, Jesse Miller - Photography,  

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Unknown said...

To the staff of Walnut Creek, I don't know why any bride would want to go anywhere else! Your chapel is beautiful in an ethereal and bright way. In any weather, a very picturesque place to say “I do”.
I have to tell you how INCREDIBLE your entire staff is. The cake was beautiful and delicious. David Briscoe is an AMAZING pianist! The DJ was so nice and kept us on schedule. After Kyle and Jess left, I spent a little time searching for my car keys. Once I found them, I pulled my car up under the roof to go in and pack stuff up and it was already DONE. Your staff was carting it to my car, loading me up, and off I went! TA DA!

Also, many thanks to your security guard who was taking care of a lot of behind the scenes stuff and was so helpful. Any time I turned around, a staff member was there to ask if there was anything I needed and anticipating what I needed before I ever thought of it. I know there are others that I never saw, working behind the scenes, but I can’t say enough good things about all of you. Thanks again for making wonderful memories and dreams come true!
Lisa Hopkins
(Mother of the Bride)