Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Petra Bergamini & Patrick Johnson Wedding/Reception 9.15.2012 at Walnut Creek Chapel - Jim Williams - Minister

Mrs. Petra & Mr. Patrick Johnson
Best Wishes from Walnut Creek Chapel
Black and Red were the colors
Celloist: Trent Brewer
Closed Circuit Camera of Unity Candle Ceremony
Garden at Walnut Creek Chapel
Photo of picture signing book.

A Spot for Tea - www.aspotfortea.com - 405-720-2765
Appetizers: Crisp Green Salad and Caesar Salad with dressings.  Buffet Menu: Parmesan Crusted Chicken Breast w/marinara sauce on side, Pork Tenderloin, Golden Scalloped Potatoes, Tuscan Vegetable Medley, Croissants and Butter.
Sweete Connection - Cakes
Sweete Connection  - Cakes
  1. David Briscoe - Pianist- Singer
  2. Integrity - Limo - Brad Johnson
  3. Sweete Connection - Susan Taunton- Cake Designer
  4. A Spot for Tea - Tammy & Eric Seibert - Caterers
  5.  Ideas in Ice - Ken Burkemper
  6. Sweetheart Linens - Angelique Zackery
  7. A+ Entertainment - Chris Cox
  8. Facebook - Tammy Seibert, Blog- Chrlotte Nease
  9. Celloist- Trent Brewer
  10. Scott Laske &  Robert Posar- Laske Images Photographery

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