Monday, August 27, 2012

Carolee & Wayne Maxwell's 50th Anniversary Gala at Walnut Creek Chapel on 8.25.2012 with DJ- Ronnie Kaye

50th Anniversary for Carolee and Wayne Maxwell!!!   Congratulations!!!!
Tammy Seibert facebooked some Pics of her Friends- Carolee and Wayne!!!!
Carla and Ronnie Kaye - provided entertainment
Everyone Enjoying visiting around the tables

Carolee and Son dancing, Wayne and Daughter dancing and Son n Law dancing with daughter.
"A Spot for Tea" provided cupcakes for the Gala.
"A Spot for Tea" provided Lite Hor's. 
Closed Circuit TV of Carolee and Wayne with their Pastor
Renewal of Wedding Vows
Happy Times Together with Family and Friends!!!!

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WC Chapel Staff said...

Carolee Facebooked a statement: "Wayne and I want to elaborate on what a wonderful place to celebrate special occasions at Walnut Creek Chapel. The owners, staff,caterer and the decorating was just perfect. We were so God blessed to have had the opportunity to celebrate our 50th there. It is the most serene and peaceful Chapel and Celebration Center. We will be eternally grateful for being able to renew our vows and celebrate there. Everyone went out of their way to make sure ever "T" was crossed. What a marvelous memory for us with family and friends. God bless each of you that helped make it a joyous, happy occasion and thank you again. -Carolee & Wayne Maxwell.