Saturday, April 16, 2011

Constance Nadine Ladd & Wesley Joe Baker Wedding and Reception at Walnut Creek Wedding Chapel on 4.16.2011

David Briscoe - Musician

Better Light Photography 405.209.0406

Michael Miller Photographer

Better Light Photography
"Better Light Photography" provided the Matte Signing Picture of

Constance Ladd and Wesley Baker.

(405) 209-0406

Circle Drive Through at Walnut Creek Wedding Chapel

Beautiful day in the neighborhood at Walnut Creek Wedding Chapel Enter through the doors to Walnut Creek Chapel

Standing inside the Chapel looking out at the Brook and the reflection of the Candles in the Walnut Creek Wedding Chapel on a beautiful April Day.


Unity Candle looking outside at the waterfall at the front of Walnut Creek Wedding Chapel

A Photo of Constance Ladd and Wesley Baker on the Guest Book Table

Guest Book Table

Birdcage for Cards

Family Gathering Room and Closed Circuit Television of the Walnut Creek Wedding Chapel

Another View of the Family Gathering Room

Hallway from the Chapel to the Reception Room

Flowers provided by "New Beginnings Florist" (405) 799-4492

Buffet Table in the Reception Room Food provided by "A Spot for Tea"

my & Eric Seibert - Owners (405)-728-9400

Flowers by "New Beginnings Florist"

Hot Pink and Orange Bride's Cake provided by "Sweete Connection" (405) 406-2607. One of the layers was pineapple and it was delicious.

Groom's Cake provided by "Sweete Connection"

Candy Bar

Wow!!!Guest and Family Members taking photos on a beautiful (non windy) day in April. What a Great Day for a Wedding and Reception!!!!

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