Monday, March 28, 2011

Katy Zissa & Patrick Helfer Wedding/Reception at Walnut Creek Wedding Chapel on 3.26.2011

Lite Hor' provided by "A Spot for Tea" for the Afternoon Wedding/Reception

Tammy & Eric Seibert - Owners


Flowers provided by Tony Foss Flowers

Front of the Walnut Creek Wedding Chapel

Special Photos of Family in the Chapel
Flowers provided by "Tony Foss Flowers"

A Photo of the Lovely Couple in the Chapel

Tony Foss Flowers

Beautiful Bride's Bouquet provided by Tony Foss

Reserved Table for Bridal Party

Flowers provided by Tony Foss Florist


Kim Zissa (Mother of the Bride) visiting with friends at the reception

Pink Petal Linens, LLC provided the Tiffany/Turquoise Blue organza sashes for the Reception

Angelique Zackery


Katy Zissa and Patrick Helfer eating during the Reception

Donald G. Peslis, Minister at Crossings Community Church for Katy and Patrick visiting during the reception

A+ Entertainment provided the DJ Music for the Reception

Chris & Malissa Cox - Owners


Tiffany/Turquoise Blue was so pretty on the Bride's Cake provided by

"Sweete Connection" and the Special Bride and Groom as the Topper

Groom's Special Cake "Texas Tech" provided by "Sweete Connection"

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