Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Stephanie Graham & Gene Bryce Wedding/Reception at Walnut Creek Chapel on 10/9/2010

A Photo of the Clipping from the Daily Oklahoman announcing the marriage
for Stephanie Graham and Gene Bryce

A Photo from a Photo at the Reception

Another great picture of the couple

Red, Black & White was their Wedding Theme

Guest Book Table

Face Cards, Hearts, Diamonds, Clubs and Spades
plus a CD of music for the guests

Red Hot Candy Favors for the Guests

Black and Red Hearts for petals in the Chapel

Napkins for the Cake Table

The Silver Package provided by "A Spot for Tea"

Special Words for the Bride's Cake like "Two is Better Than One"
Lucky in Love
Husband & Wife
I'm Yours
Always and Forever
Love Bug
A Package Deal
Love of My Life and
Many More Words!!!!
Great Cakes "Sweete Connection"
Special Golf Groom's Cake
Plus A Poem/Toast "My Princess" on her Wedding Day.
From her Dad "The King"
Now this is the day
That you have planned for.
May it be what you wanted
And then even more.
May you always find Happiness,
May all Sadness be erased.
May there be a "Special Angel"
Always watching over you.
May you always see eye to eye.
May you live in one accord.
May you trust in one another,
May you have Faith in the Lord.
May Sunshine brighten up each day.
May Peace at night reside.
And as you travel thru this life,
May you do so side by side.
As I walked you down the aisle,
It was truly a great day.
But when we reached the end,
I had to give "My Princess" away.
So if this all makes you happy,
That's just fine with me.
But you are still "My Princess".
And you will always be.

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