Saturday, June 5, 2010

LISA PARKER & RICHARD MYERS IV Summer Wedding/Reception 6/4/2010

Before Ceremony outside in the Garden
with Bride, Bridal Party and Photographers



Salsa YUM!!!

Marlene Beery Wedding Coordinator (Extra Special)

Janice Stone Wedding Reception Hostess (Extra Special)
at Walnut Creek Chapel
A Great Couple

A Special Announcement of the Bridal Party completed by Richard the Groom

Flowers provided by "Petal Pushers"

Yes! Horseshoe vases and Red Roses

Ready for Wedding

Ready for cake

Richard the IV on top of the cake
Oh!!! How good. "Sweete Connection"

Groom's & Bride's Cake provided by "Sweete Connection"

Lite Hor's and added 2 hot items
"A Spot For Tea"

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