Monday, July 27, 2009


Dear Judy, Lynda and other Walnut Creek Staff,

Our daughter Rachel got married on June 13th at Walnut Creek, and we just wanted to say Thank-You for making everything so wonderful. You all were great to work with and were so helpful in the planning and ofcourse on the day of the wedding! When I think of all the details involved, I really don't how we could have done this without you! You truly made the whole experience stress free and therefore we were able to enjoy it all the more! From start to finish, you all were truly a blessing.

Thank-You Judy Moninger for going above and beyond the day of: You got my purse for me a couple of times (I don't know what I was thinking when I left it on the pew)! Lynda McCasland, the reception was lovely, and we thank-you so much. Pastor Gene Nease , we know you drove back and forth a lot from Coles Garden that Day, and we really appreciated the effort to perform their wedding. You made it special. David Briscoe, your music was beauatiful. Thank-You all so much for everything!

God bless you. Karen & Ron Jarrett

Walnut Creek Chapel Staff,

Thank-You so much for everything you've done for us. Our wedding was absolutely amazing! With your beautiful venue and your knowledge and direction, we were able to have a wedding that many dream about. You guys are amazine!!!

Thank You!!!
Ashley & Tanner Whitson

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