Monday, April 1, 2013

Catherine Rose Haikin & Andrew Wade Kelso Wedding/Reception on 3.30.13 at Walnut Creek Chapel - Terry Carris - Minister

Catherine Haikin & Andrew Kelso
Mr. & Mrs. Kelso
Terry Carris - Minister
Stephen and James - Ushers

Oliver and Krysta

Catherine and Mark Haikin (Father of Bride)
Closed Circuit TV
Colors: Turquoise, Coral, Yellow and Grey

Beautiful Fresh Coral Roses on Pews by "Flowers by Pat"

Beautiful Coral Fresh Arrangement in Silver Trumpet Vases - "Flowers by Pat"
"Fisherman Knot Ceremony"

"Wishing Tree"
Facebook Pic by Tammy Seibert
Beautiful Bridal Flowers - "Flowers by Pat"
Hor's by "A Spot for Tea"
Food Table Fresh Flowers - "Flowers by Pat"
Fresh Flowers in Silver Vases - "Flowers By Pat"
Groom's Cake - Sweete Connection
Swirl Ice Sculpture Punch Bowl - Ideas In Ice
Hor's Table: Crisp Green Salad w/Dressings; Fresh Cut Broccoli Salad; Ramen Noodle Salad and Chilled Fresh Shrip w/Cocktail Sauce. Buffet Dinner : Smoked Beef Brisket; Port Kenderloin; Poatato Bar- New Potato Casserole w/toppings; Seasoned Italian Green Beans; Croissant Rolls w/Butter
Beautiful Cake
Best Wishes
Catherine Haikin and Andrew Kelso
David Briscoe - Pianist; Integrity Limo; Sweete Connection - Cakes; A Spot for Tea - Caterer; Ideas In Ice - Ice Sculpture; Chocolate Fountain - Walnut Creek Chapel; Sweetheart Linens - Angelique Zachary.
Other Venders: Khristen Rush - Photographer; Flowers by Pat - Florist;

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